This is Emma.

A survivor of Child Trafficking.

Listen to her... You will catch the signs.

This is how Emma’s story began. She was only 15. Her trafficker was a boy at her school. He was a bit older and really cute. He’d tell Emma that she was cute, liked her outfit, offered to study with her, and carried her books. After about 6 months of hanging out at school, he told Emma he had his car at school and asked if he could drive Emma home… hear the rest of the story from Emma.
Emma's Story Dec 2020
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Traffickers promise a high paying job, a new opportunity, or a loving relationship. There are many other children in our community that are in Emma’s situation and need your help. Now more than ever, the children we serve need your support. With your help, we will be able to help more children like Emma allowing us to respond more quickly to the increasing number of child trafficking victims. Your support will allow Gateway Human Trafficking to save more children and impact positive change in children’s lives for years to come.

Victims of human trafficking are not a number! They are individuals who need your help.

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Donate now and help every victim become a survivor.

Will you become a change champion this January?


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