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Our Programs

We have a public health approach to human trafficking. The physical, mental, or emotional harms of a trafficking experience has a strong connection to the health of trafficking victims.

Our anti-human trafficking preventive programs are aligned with the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that can have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and the lifelong health of trafficking victims and survivors in their childhood and adulthood. Learn more about ACE and Violence Prevention on CDC's website here.

We believe if everyone learns about human trafficking, together we can end this terrible crime in our communities.

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Breaking the Chains of Human Trafficking (BCHT)

Since 2014, BCHT has offered education about human trafficking to increase victim identification and reporting to the proper authorities. This program has informed various communities, including those interacting with vulnerable populations, such as children and youth, about the risks associated with human trafficking and exploitation. It explains what to look for, how report the crime, as well as how to find resources to help victims.

The Yellow Butterfly Project (YBP)

The Yellow Butterfly Project (YBP) was established in 2017 to educate our community about child trafficking using  students as educators. The YBP was developed based on Character Education (CE) programs to empower youth in K-12 to participate and play a role in fighting child trafficking.


The project's name is a symbol that indicates a transformation toward a systematic change at individual, institutional, and society levels that is needed to effectively combat child trafficking. Education is the key to any success.

Making the Invisible Visible Project (MIV)

A public awareness campaign using  the production of a series of PSAs and videos to raise awarness to about human trafficking. These productions have helped our community including students, parents, teachers, business people, law enforcement, prosecutors, and many others, learn the signs of human trafficking and how to report it to the proper authorities.

Push Back Trafficking

A public awareness campaign to prioritize prevention of child trafficking at an early age. This project occurs each year to educate communities about child trafficking during the month of July by organizing various activities that end on July 30th, the World Day Against Human Trafficking. 

The main activity of this project is to honor each child trafficking victim in our state by giving a backpack to a child in need returning to school in August. In 2022, we had a goal of gifting 339 backpacks to honor the number of child trafficking victims identified in Missouri last year.

Preventing and Responding


Child Trafficking Conference

Every other year, this Conference brings together a group of experts, professionals, and service providers to discuss the most up to date approaches and best practices in combating child trafficking.

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